About Us

There are many of IT companies recruiting candidates on a regular basis. But the companies are not getting sufficient local IT graduates to fill in their positions. SOFTME aims to prepare the local graduates with proper IT trainings and provide the IT companies with sufficient skilled human resources. At the same time the local graduates will also be benefitted as they will get suitable jobs in their own hometown. They will be able to work staying from their own homes.

SOFTME has its business strategy to grow in the market through providing quality trainings and services to the customers. It aims to maximize its profit through better customer satisfaction. The activities are ways of gaining those goals and objectives.

Strength & Opportunities:
  • Business owners are IT specialists.
  • The owners have diverse IT skills and competencies.
  • The company has experience in different businesses.
  • It has an enthusiastic and dedicated workforce.
  • It has a few competent trainers in its portfolio.
  • Increased demand in graduates with IT skills in the current job market makes it beneficial for the company to grow.
  • Brexit will result in increased demand of graduates with IT skills.
  • The high number of big IT companies and renowned educational institutions in Edinburgh means that the company will have more customers to serve.
  • It could become a professional IT company through providing high quality IT services to the customers.