Don’t panic. We know the terrain; we’ve got the skills and the equipment. We’re the emergency service for software development projects in distress, rescuing stranded organisations and delivering them successfully to the end of their technology journey. We’ve never left anyone behind.

Software Failure

Sadly, a lot of software projects fail for a lot of different reasons. Failure might manifest itself as:

  • Costing far more than planned
  • Taking far longer than expected
  • A product that’s unfit for purpose
  • Users not being able to engage or derive value from their experience
  • Project standstill due to commercial disagreement or legal dispute
  • Knowledge void: the individuals who led your project have gone and nobody knows how to finish it properly

Whatever the causes, Helastel can put your software project back on track. The first step is stabilisation, where our experienced project rescuers will:

  • Rapidly get up to speed with the brief to date
  • Identify your digital assets and intellectual property
  • Help you track down your source code
  • Forensically analyse your project status and preserve whatever they can
  • Institute a robust project scope so you can be confident of getting exactly what you need
  • Establish a secure physical infrastructure environment appropriate to your requirements

With your project stabilised, the next stage is finishing the job. For us, rolling out a post-rescue software development project means:

  • Agreeing a fully scoped, evidence-based plan for addressing your unique requirements
  • Committing the right resources and skills to your project
  • Building a strong working relationship based on honest and regular communications
  • Providing strategic advice to ensure the successful realisation of your business goals for the software
  • Adhering to a transparent coding standard to promote continuity between developers for the life of your software
  • Publishing a roadmap for future software enhancements and ongoing support

It can be daunting to face up to the need for a software project rescue, but there is reassurance that you can get back on track and achieve your objectives. The key is getting the right software developmentpartner to help, and being open in your communications with them.