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Software for Revenue

Software is business’ greatest tool for increasing bottom line revenue. Whether you’re a start-up enterprise or an established business that wishes to improve performance or access new routes then Helastel are the organisation to turn to.

Starting Out

Everything begins with our Business Consultants and our project scoping process. This is designed to challenge and refine precisely what your IT solution needs to achieve, and how. A lot of project scoping is user research. Using an Agile methodology; pilot studies, focus groups and persona development all have their roles in determining what your customers’ objectives and preferences are, and how they differ from yours. This isn’t just important for a start-up going into a new market with a fresh idea; it’s at least as valuable for established businesses to avoid the complacency of making too many assumptions about familiar customer groups.

Addressing the Business Model

Associated with our scoping process will be a thorough assessment of how best to engineer your solution to take maximum advantage of your existing data services, infrastructure and commercial opportunities to manage and minimise risks. In our experience, it’s so critical to ensure the alignment of the IT solution with your business model and chart its evolution against your overall business plan. This makes all the difference.

Development and Delivery

Once we’ve prioritised your functional requirements, it’s time to finalise the scope and development roadmap and get down to work physically creating your new infrastructure or the software solution. We’ll advise on the best frameworks and infrastructure for the job, so the result is extremely robust yet bespoke to your business need.

Next Steps

  • Are you mid-way through a project in trouble? Don’t panic – project rescue is our forte.
  • Read our manifesto for software development.
  • Browse our project archive for just a few examples of our work creating software for revenue.