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Software for Business Process Management

Helastel’s iBPMS is at the core of many of the innovative and groundbreaking business solutions that we deliver for our customers. Our lo-code solution allows data and systems to be easily integrated, workflows to be established, process and data governance rules to be implemented and data lineage to be recorded. Our iBPMS is the perfect solution for organisations looking to understand and manage the relationship between data in different systems in order to achieve a single point of truth and aid compliance with the new GDPR standards.

  • Save on operating costs through automation of business process
  • Reduce paperwork and the need for multiple spreadsheets
  • Define a single version of the truth for all reporting services
  • Capture, record and measure all process decision points
  • Use data to improve efficiency
  • Manage data to improve compliance with GDPR and other regulatory mechanisms

We know a lot about optimising business processes through software and infrastructure. We’ll work with you to uncover those processes that work, to refine those that need improving and to remove those that work against business efficiency.

Project Scoping

Every project kicks off with a project scoping process, where we collaborate closely with you to create detailed plans for your requirements. We explore the required functionality and user perspectives to design a logically built solution that meets both the user needs and business requirements. Recognising just how key the user is in all this, a large proportion of project scoping is about probing and mapping the desired behaviour and needs of your users.

Technology Strategy

Your business requires a technology strategy that aligns perfectly with your business strategy. That takes us beyond the mere technical considerations of system and process integration into a wider examination of your overall business strategy and desired outcomes. Having established this, we’ll work with you to produce recommendations on how best to proceed and which technology challenges to address first. By prioritising in this way and producing a roadmap for change we can manage budget against business priorities and ensure that we deliver solutions that align with your business priorities and your budget constraints.

Development and Delivery

As we develop your digital strategy and address your business requirements, we’ll ensure the technology solution is designed with the appropriate support services and infrastructure environment in mind. The finished product will reflect the initial scope agreed and a roadmap of additional functionality for staged implementation into the future.

Next Steps