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Software Evolution

We don’t have a crystal ball. What we do have is good judgment in reading the software landscape, picking up on subtle changes in user behaviour and applying this to the markets our customers work in.

Digital evolution planning means anticipating where the change might come from, and that’s hard when everything evolves so rapidly. We encourage our customers to ask the questions; what are foreseeable paths that their business product or their market might take? What technologies or initiatives are disrupting their market? What are they trying to achieve? How can we project forward those paths, and predict events likely to happen on those paths that will affect their digital and their business model? What will be the strategic response from competitors and how do we create barriers to entry?

Think of a game of chess. One move is made, and the player must consider combinations 7-8 moves ahead from now; that’s what digital evolution is all about.

Regardless of how well a solution is crafted, it will have a lifetime. We know how to make the most of it. Our strategic approach to evolution planning ensures continuous development of your internally or externally facing systems in response to:

  • Changing user requirements
  • Redefined business objectives
  • Risks emerging from technology obsolescence
  • Opportunities with emerging technology
  • Competitive threats
  • Changes in demand, traffic, processing requirements etc.

This is made possible because of our understanding of your business, the technology landscape, infrastructure environments and the transformative power of software.

All Helastel-designed solutions start within a project scoping process that gives birth to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), the essence of core functionality that will endure until the very end. Harnessing this MVP, and building a strategic roadmap of new releases with additional functionality, is one of the key benefits of Helastel digital evolution planning.

And when the time comes to end a digital deployment, we can ensure a seamless progression to the next generation. That’s why we call it evolution not transformation.