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Software Audit Services

We’re (honestly) not snooty about our software versus anyone else’s. We just have a very critical eye, as far as software goes. It’s great for spotting security holes in particular, but there’s a far wider benefit in terms of evaluating software longevity and value on your behalf.

A comprehensive Software Audit is a prerequisite for our Legacy Support Services, where we do a thorough examination of any existing ‘alien’ software our clients need to preserve and have Helastel get to grips with.

Software Audits are valuable in many circumstances, including:

Security troubleshooting:

Typically in the form of penetration testing where qualified experts attempt to compromise software using common/known exploits and hacking techniques. We also conduct code reviews, which entail examining the composition of software coding for telltale security bugs and other risks.

Due diligence:

Where clients are in the process of acquiring a business or its specific assets/IP, we execute a complete audit of the stability, security and preparedness for the future of the software in question, which – in turn – informs its commercial value.

Procurement evaluation:

This is where we assist clients in their buying decisions for new off-the-shelf software applications by closely examining and reporting on the comparative virtues, risks and cost models of various alternatives.