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Optimised User Experience (UX)

Designing the user experience is different for every development project, though the foundations are always the same; collecting evidence about the needs and preferences of priority customer groups as part of a project scoping exercise, and – in the case of web development projects – applying our deep understanding of web strategy.

Some really important areas for UX development are:


  • Consistently excellent, more like. What we’re talking about is not just the same experience across multiple devices and browsers that users employ. At least as crucial are the different channels of communications. Users notice when it ‘feels the same’ whether they go online, use the app, phone in, watch an ad, or visit a store. ‘Feel’ and ‘same’ are highly subjective concepts. We’ll figure that out.


  • If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. You don’t want to risk the time and effort creating a wonderful user experience, without understanding the business value it’s creating. And because a good UX needs to be adaptable, how will you know what happens when you tweak it in future? Will you be able to tell a good change from a bad change, before you’ve done it?


  • A good experience is a good dunking, rather than a light shower. This puts pressure on the functional bits and pieces of the underlying web framework as well as the creative design of the interface itself. We’ll use the tools and approaches that we know really work. And we’ll help you try things; things that could make all the difference to your users and promote a really immersive experience.

We perfect user experiences to balance the needs of users with your commercial objectives, while accomplishing:

  • Alignment with the values and appearance of your brand
  • Strict compliance with applicable standards (e.g. PCI)
  • Optimum pathways from Adwords/PPC, and refinement of calls to action (CTAs) texts to elicit maximum response
  • Maximum customer conversion rates
  • Integration with marketing and communications strategy
  • Adherence to responsive interface design practices
  • Successful, complete customers journeys including after-care

Great UX is a key component of Helastel software development projects, as well as our website work. Explore our project archive of examples or read more about our software development approach.