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Market Acceleration Strategy

For clients building a business around their new software, or targeting a big change in their market: we getthat this is your baby. You want it to grow up happy, healthy and successful. You understand that outcomes will rest on both ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’. Nature is the genetics; the programming. Nature is only the half of it.

Getting a software product to market takes more than a great idea to be realised in brilliant code. Software has a very particular way of being sold. Capitalising on that opportunity is where Helastel brings a big slice of strategic value.

We see our software consultancy role as supporting clients throughout the lifecycle of their software-driven business, achieving full potential and mitigating risks before they crop up. It works successfully when we’re integral to your thinking, or equally so when you call upon our skills as a specialist mentor.

Some of the strategic market acceleration projects we’ve provided include:

  • Development of business plans for successful seed capital and venture funding rounds
  • Proposition development and market positioning to achieve service differentiation
  • Complex infrastructure planning for scale and capacity
  • Competitive analysis for opportunities and threats
  • Progressive pricing models and feature sets
  • Exit strategy and execution