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Legacy Support Services

We don’t just support software that we’ve created. There’s a lot of non-Helastel software out there, and we’re happy to bring it under our wing. This can give you valuable breathing space for innovating future software projects.

Legacy Support Services are ideal for organisations where:

  • It doesn’t make commercial sense to prematurely end the life of legacy software you’re still running
  • Support for your bespoke software product has been withdrawn or no longer meets the required standard
  • You need to extend support for a product that was created elsewhere but needs added impetus for the new challenges ahead
  • You’re migrating to a new software development with Helastel, and need commonality of support while multiple integrated systems complete their transition

Wherever your software is in its lifecycle, we’ll give it a thorough Software Audit, tune it into shape and offer the same level of continuous support that we provide to our own software projects.

As well as great support levels, what this means in practice is no excuses. Our support engineers will commit to treating your software like one or our own, and never approach your software like an unfamiliar third party.