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Infrastructure Scalability

It’s silly to throw money at over-specified infrastructure that you might need, ‘just in case’. You need to throttle the infrastructure horsepower for your software to perform against peak load, or grow in response to increased demand.

Helastel works with its customers to create measured, sustainable infrastructure strategies to prevent your project ever being the victim of its own success.

Scalability is a major consideration in our upfront project scoping process. We’ll use that opportunity to understand:

  • What your scale, processing performance and infrastructure benchmark will be on day one
  • The impact of degraded performance or software responsiveness on the user experience, and the ramifications for business outlook
  • How your roadmap for software evolution (e.g. new features, enhancements) could shape future infrastructure requirements
  • What and when the trigger events are for busy traffic periods and registration storms
  • How the number of users, and their behaviours, is likely to change over the short, medium and long term

Once a plan is in place, we’ll keep it under constant review so that your infrastructure is never putting the brakes on your software success.