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Softme - Software

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Hosted Software

Core to our infrastructure management capabilities is the hosting environment we provide for the software we develop. It’s part of the Helastel philosophy of taking ownership for your end-to-end software solution. We’re not just cooking the food; we’re making the plates, laying the table, doing the dishes. We’re designing the train, and engineering the rails it will run on.

Our Tier 2+ hosting facility has:

  • Security systems to guard against DDoS attacks and other web-borne threats
  • Redundant capacity components to keep your software always serving users even in the event of a connectivity outage
  • The facility to replicate systems to a separate disaster recovery site, further mitigating downtime risks
  • Compliance with ISO27001 data security standard and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
  • Scope to utilise the latest generation of virtual and physical server technology for maximum environmental efficiency and ease of management
  • Security restricted access available 24/7 to the Helastel infrastructure support team

Unlike commodity-based hosting options that obscure the actual geographic location of your application data, our datacentre is situated in close proximity to the Helastel team. This makes it easier to achieve stringent compliance requirements, and means Helastel engineers can get on site in minutes to physically intervene with any issues that can’t be remotely resolved. For the rest of the time, they’ll be keeping an eagle eye on a host of granular monitoring data, and proactively fine-tuning your infrastructure to keep it all running smoothly.

Use of Helastel’s hosting environment is available to all software and web development customers, under a variety of service level agreements (SLAs) attuned to individual needs.

Alternatively, Helastel customers can choose to use third party hosting infrastructure, or even host it themselves. In any case, we’ll ensure the software is engineered to work accordingly.