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Continuous Support

‘Care’ is a really good way of summing up what you get from Helastel when we take responsibility for your software support cycle. Our care is a lot more than just an SLA, warranties and quality control. It’s hard to put metrics around the fact that it matters to us that your software is well looked after. Rest assured that our continuous support gives you maximum protection for your investment.

This commitment to ‘care’ is the perfect complement to a strictly regimented support methodology that covers all the bases. We can’t predict every eventuality, so we’re always scanning the horizon for issues or challenges to address before they get too close.

Our approach can be summarised as follows:


First of all we sit down with you to set unique targets, and enshrine them in an SLA. No one is in any doubt about the standards and objectives we’re setting out to achieve.


A long term plan, with business milestones, is our starting pistol. It governs how we’ll ensure your software remains futureproof no matter what happens.

Adjustment Cycle:

By planning for events and milestones, we factor in the necessary work to help your software evolve and grow with you.


We retain complete visibility of your software’s ‘vitals’ from compliance posture and security status to how responsive it is and how much room to grow it has left. If the plan ever needs to go out of the window, we can act instantly.


We’re completely transparent about the time we spend and how we’ve performed against our high standards. You’ll be pleased with the results.

Our care ethos runs across all our software support services, including Software Audit and Legacy Support.