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CIO Strategy

We’re guilty of giving a large dollop of our strategic value away for free. We can’t help it. But where the requirement goes beyond the boundaries of our standard project scoping exercise, Helastel offers strategic software consultancy services to support the broader technology objectives of our clients.

The truth is that we’re very good at understanding our clients’ businesses, spotting risks and opportunities they haven’t seen, anticipating what will happen next, and shaping this into digital CIO strategy. We often get invited to dig deeper when we’re already on the inside of a client’s transformation through software. But it works just as well when we’re the totally fresh perspective that’s been brought in from the outside.

CIO Consultancy

What we mean by digital strategy is providing independent Chief Information Officer (CIO) level insights into the relationship between the business, its processes and the solutions available from a changing technology market.

Some of the digital strategy projects we’ve delivered include:

  • Complex IT systems analysis, with objective recommendations for rationalising a multi-supplier environment into a platform for leaner and more agile IT service delivery
  • Assessment of total cost of ownership economic models for operating competing CMS platforms and operating systems
  • Strategic alignment of five-year business plans against future evolution of technology standards and costs