Some things to know about us

Helastel is a tight-knit team building bespoke business software and implementing Enterprise wide Information Management solutions across the UK. Based in the historic city of Bristol and close to the M4, M5 and National Rail network, we build digital solutions for organizations across the UK.

Our skilled pool of resources are varied; some are experienced in the technical side of things, the actual work of designing and building software and infrastructure. Many of us are more focused on customer service or business consultancy, although we all need a degree of technical know-how in order to understand and guide the projects we work on. Helastel has been around for over 12 years and grew year-on-year during the recession, thanks to our loyal customers and talented software engineers.

We take on complex, demanding projects that others won’t: 25% of our work is on projects that were over-ambitious for the original development company and need to be rescued. We’re sector and software agnostic, which means that we work with clients from many different industries and don’t limit our work to just one or two programming languages.

We’ve built varied pieces of software: from online ticketing for major attractions, to the system that lets traffic signs talk to each other and their operators, to e-learning systems for pilots. Four out of five of our customers undertake more than one project with us, and most have been with us for five years or more. We’re trusted with some of the country’s most precious data – the NHS. Our visual learning and communication system has helped 40% more diabetes sufferers manage their condition.

Our potted history

Helastel was founded over ten years ago in Bristol by Iouri Prokhorov. With a background in computer science, Iouri had built and sold two successful software businesses before he created Helastel. He is driven by the knowledge that good software development and infrastructure can transform a client’s business.

In 2004 Ian Guerit, an outstanding software engineer, joined Helastel as Technical Director. Since then Iouri and Ian have built a company rooted in technical excellence and a flair for really understanding what a client needs. Helastel is rich in experience, having worked on hundreds of projects for many different clients.

What we are proud of

  • We take personal responsibility for projects.
  • Helastel is full of independent thinkers.
  • We are informal and easy to talk to.
  • We care about our clients’ business and take pride in doing the best possible job.
  • We always deliver.
  • We build long-term and valuable relationships.