5 Basic principles of making a great logo:

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Versatile
  • Appropriate

Keeping those facts in our mind, we portray our vision to define the necessity of coming up a great logo for the respective customer. Best logos are simple arguably enhance the branding image of the product or service. A great logo is eye-catching that build trust and confidence also identifiable in large or small sizes. Sometimes a great logo also contains the brand slogan of the respective product or service. Consistency is the key of brand tagline. When the target audience is the proper mindset of articulating a define logo, we deliver the best of creating an innovative one.


A more refined logo and accompanying brand guidelines will address the business as a whole and identify who they are and where they would like to be. To sum it up, if done well, a logo creates the right impression about you and your business. To be done well it takes time and a proper strategy created by trained professionals (us creatives). It’s not straight forward enough for us to say ‘give us an hour’.

At the beginning of every new client-designer relationship, it’s important for us as the design agency to be extremely thorough in understanding the company in an effort to develop the most fitting branding. For most companies and smaller businesses, several weeks is more commonly required in order to arrive at a great logo design. This timeline takes into account realistic day-to-day workloads and the probability that the required level of research has been conducted at the beginning of the project. The logo designer likely has tried many combinations of typefaces, colours, shapes and icons and collaborated with the creative team about the design. Designs have been on exhibit around the office, modified and “lived with” for a while, so that only the strong will survive.